Schoolbags for first-years

Parents and children both anxiously await the first day of school. Apart from the Sch*u*ltüte (a decorated cone typically filled with supplies and treats for children starting school), the schoolbag is probably the most important piece of kit to accompany first-years as they take this big step.

When is the right time to buy?

Opinions differ in this area. Some people recommend buying a satchel for the first year in the fall of the previous year, when old stock tends to be reduced in the shops. However, kids’ tastes change quickly during the primary school years, and the satchel motif that’s a big hit today may have fallen out of favor a short year from now. Others recommend buying a bag between January and April for the upcoming school year. This is certainly the most popular time to buy: the latest models have already hit the shelves, while some older items are still available at a discounted price. It’s also close enough to the start of the school year that the design chosen for a satchel in the first year is likely to still be in fashion a few months later. Risk-takers will wait until right before the school year starts before buying a bag for the first year – there may be some sales already. By this time, popular themes are often sold out. However, it’s not too late to pick out a nice schoolbag?for that important first year. ?

Size and weight of the first-year schoolbag

Schoolbags for the first year come in a wide range of models. Therefore, you should consider a few criteria to narrow down the field before you buy. One key characteristic is the weight and size of the bag for first-years. The lightest schoolbags weigh just 0.8 kg and the heaviest over 6 kg. The right choice depends on the weight and height of your child. Experts recommend a first-year bag that weighs 10 to 12% of your child’s body weight when empty. As far as size is concerned, a first-year satchel ideally should not extend vertically or horizontally past the shoulders

The fit of the first-year schoolbag

Different bag manufacturers offer different back components and strap styles. To find the best one for your child, the best thing to do is let him or her try it on. Straps should be adjustable and padded to avoid making indentations on the skin – especially on bare shoulders in the summer. The back should be ergonomically designed and rest properly against your child’s spine. Your child will have to judge whether the bag feels comfortable or not. In order to assess how a first-year schoolbag feels when full, take along two 1 kg cartons of milk and place them inside when trying it on

The materials in first-year schoolbags

Almost all the schoolbags for first-years available from us are made of nylon or polyester. This makes them easy to clean. Sustainability also plays an important role.

Safety aspects of first-year schoolbags

When purchasing a first schoolbag, it’s good to keep traffic safety in mind. It is crucial for children to be visible on busy roads, especially during the dark winter months. Your child’s bag should have as many reflective surfaces and/or strips as possible. You can also attach reflective patches or tags to the bag.

Motifs for first-year schoolbags

The theme or pattern is perhaps the most important aspect for kids when it comes to their first schoolbag. And with such a wide range of options, there's something for everyone. For girls, horses, elves, fairies and princesses are still in high demand. Boys, on the other hand, tend to prefer cars, policemen, dinosaurs and space-related themes. Please don’t let your child pressure you into buying a satchel for the first year based solely on the theme – fit and size should come first. You can also spice up the design of bags for the first year by adding patches and tags.