Special Edition with Fluorescent Print

The ergobag LUMI Edition

It’s time for the ergobag LUMI Edition to light up the journey to school with its fluorescent vines and neonpink shimmering waves. Brand-new: with lenticular contour Kletties.
Innovative Design

With Fluorescent color

The LUMI Edition with fluorescent print: fluorescent vines and neonpink shimmering waves provide even greater visibility by day.

Two in one

Lenticular Contour Klettie

This special edition’s lenticular contour Kletties really brings a sparkle to kids’ eyes! Whether charming mermaid or wild panther: Made for lovers of stand-out details.

Takes the strain off the back, grows along, fits like a glove

We master ergonomics

The LUMI Edition also follows the principles of optimum load distribution. A broad hip belt, a breathable back padding with stabilzinging aluminum frame and a continuous adjustment to the lenght of the back assure a comfortable fit.

Naturally Sustainable

We stay sustainable

... and stay true to our plan: Sustainability is a must. We use fabrics made from 100% recyclet PET-bottles - also for the LUMI Edition.

For the little ones

The LUMI Edition for Minis

The first ergobag Special Edition for Kindergarten and Preschool Kids: The LUMI styles are also available for the little adventurers.