How to pack your schoolbag correctly

Books, notebooks, gym clothes – after a while, everything can start to get heavy! However, if you pack your bag right, it can take a lot of the stress off your back.

Packing it all in

Those of us with school-aged children sometimes marvel at the amount of stuff even elementary school kids have to carry around. In addition to notebooks, pencil cases and lunch bags, students must often make room inside their bags for gym clothes and sporting equipment, wallets and keys. Finding a bag that can fit everything is therefore essential. To prevent kids from carrying too much weight on one side, the bag should be carried on the back and have two straps that distribute the weight evenly. But the way the interior space is divided also plays an important role – heavier objects should rest as closely as possible against the back.

Clever design, optimal storage, perfect carrying form

The ergobag school backpack is cleverly designed, with a space for everything. Because heavy items should be carried as close to the back as possible, the bag features a book compartment located directly against the back.
Directly in front of the book compartment, there's enough space for the ergobag folder box, which holds all your A4-size notebooks for daily use. This is a handy feature because the case is open at the top so that kids can easily reach in to grab the notebook they need. Therefore a folder box can remain stored inside the bag without having to be pulled out each time. An additional zipper compartment offers enough room for small items and includes a key ring, which makes house or bike lock keys easy to find and keeps them from getting lost.
The adjacent compartment has room for everything else kids might need throughout the school day, such as pencil cases or wallets. The front pocket is reserved for a lunchbox and drinking bottles– and because the inside of the bag is lined with raincoat material, the contents are always protected in case anything spills.
The drawstring runs throughout the backpack, is easy to tighten even for small hands and pulls the weight as closely against the back as possible. Once compressed, there's even enough room to snap on a sports bag if necessary.
To make carrying the ergobag even easier, the ergonomic design transfers a large portion of the weight from the shoulders to the more stable pelvic area.

So then: School Bag ready... steady... go!

26. July 2017
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