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Our ergonomic backpack: Everything depends on these points

Do your kids already have back pain in primary school and are you afraid of them having long-term posture problems? If you pay attention to the ergonomics in their school backpacks, you will get these problems under control.

Even young children can get back pain

They are just starting school and already their back hurts: carrying a rucksack full of textbooks and exercise books takes some time to get used to at the beginning - so it is super important to have something supportive to help carry all those school supplies. Otherwise the consequences can be dramatic. Surveys show that almost half of all primary school children already complain about back and neck pain.

Especially for children at this age, their spine can still easily be reshaped as muscle strength is still developing which means that if the weight distribution is wrong there is a risk of long-term postural damage. It goes without saying that parents want to avoid this at all costs! Of course, it always depends on the individual physique, the sitting posture, the movement in everyday life and one's own wearing behaviour - but above all the right school bag can be crucial.

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When looking for an ergonomic backpack: What is important?

If the backpack is correctly designed, it can relieve your kids' backs from strain. Of course, weight plays a role: The empty backpack should not weigh more than 1500 grams and at the same time have an interior volume of at least 15 litres, so that everything fits in.

It is also important to have an ergonomically shaped back cushion that adapts optimally to the child's back. The chest and hip belts ensure that the weight is transferred from the back to the hips and that the backpack always sits perfectly. In addition, the carrying system should be flexible enough to adapt to the child's height so that the backpack can grow with the child throughout primary school. The backpack is most comfortable when all straps are continuously adjustable.

Of course, parents can only figure out how well the school backpack fits on their kids’ backs when they are with them. That's why school starters should be present when they buy a backpack and test different models before making the final decision.

Inside the backpack, the weight of books and other school accessories should be evenly distributed. The distribution also needs to be done correctly: Books and exercise books should be carried as close to the back as possible and there are separate compartments or removable boxes to make this easy.

Protecting children's backs for everyday school life

The ergonomic backpack is great, but the shape alone cannot prevent back pain. It is important that the backpack is carried on your back, not in your hand or casually thrown over a shoulder as this can lead to postural damage. Always pay attention to whether the backpack still fits well or whether the straps need to be readjusted. This is necessary for kids’ growth spurts.

What's in the bag? Check the contents from time to time with your child and remove things that are heavy and unnecessary. Maybe there are toys that have been in backpack for weeks, that were needed during the break. Excess weight can be left at home, which then relieves the strain on the back.

When it comes to protecting your back, posture and movement is also important. Has your child learnt to sit upright, or do they slouch while sitting on a chair? Are your kids moving enough and above all in different ways? This strengthens their back and muscles - in addition to the ergonomic backpack, this is the best way to prevent back pain and postural problems.

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Ergobag’s ergonomic design even has a certificate

During the development of ergobag ergonomics was the focus right from the start, in order to avoid all the problems mentioned above. Our backpacks combine the ergonomic concept of innovative trekking backpacks with what a schoolbag must achieve in everyday life. The load distribution is based on concepts that have successful in professional hiking and also provide a comfortable carrying feeling.

The padded pelvic waist band embrace the hips and shift the weight to the pelvic area and an aluminium frame on the ergobag pack and ergobag cubo provide extra stability. In addition, a breathable and cuddly back cushion ensures a particularly good fit on the spine.

The fact that this concept works is not only evident in everyday school life but it has also been officially confirmed: The IGR (Institute for Health and Ergonomics) has tested and certified the ergobag, [it holds the recognised seal of approval of the IGR "Ergonomic Product"] (

So nothing can go wrong in everyday school life and back pain is no longer an issue for kids.

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