Four reasons why our ergobag backpacks have a very special base

Not only can our school backpacks sit up perfectly – they can stand up too! And that is just one of the four advantages of our very special rucksack base.

Walking through a (grade) school corridor can sometimes remind you of an obstacle course. Not only are there the groups of other children to "navigate" your way around, especially during recess, but there are also school bags or gym bags lying around on the corridor floor which can make moving around in a school building seem more like circuit training. The frequent scenario inside the classroom is a walkway strewn with school bags which have toppled over and are blocking the way through for over 20 students along with desks, chairs and teacher's desk. The school bags are not always going to be on the children's backs and they are best hung on the hook on the desk during class – if the bags have a loop for this purpose.

Special in every way

Our product designer Immi?has developed a strong base made from a single piece of material for the ergobag backpack. Read on to find out why it is far more than an ordinary base with four feet:

  1. Upright: when taken off the back, the school backpack can be put down on any surface without any problems. Whether in the schoolyard, on the bus, in the park, classroom or the child's bedroom at home – our ergobags stand upright and don't fall over.
  2. Waterproof: the base is not only firm but it is also completely watertight all the way up to the first seam because it is made of one single piece of material. So it won't matter if the backpack is put down in a little puddle once in a while, and in the winter snow and sludge have no chance either – exercise books, textbooks and other items will stay dry.
  3. Protective: you can well imagine how many times a day a school backpack is picked up and put down again in different places – with varying degrees of care and all manner of swinging actions. If a bag has a soft base, the books inside could get damaged by heavy impact on rough and uneven surfaces. No problem for the ergobag. The base shields the books and other items from bumps and sharp ridges on the floor.
  4. Shatterproof: yes, it does sometimes happen that the ergobag falls off the table or goes flying down the stairs and has a bumpy landing – but the base material is springy and resilient and strong enough not to break.

One thing is sure: this backpack base is guaranteed to withstand all the adventures and tests of courage which life at elementary school holds in store for little explorers.

05. April 2018
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