The ergobag is packed full of clever ideas!

ergobag is the perfect school companion – not only does it safely hold notebooks, textbooks and other supplies, it offers a whole range of added functions.

After talking with parents, students and retail partners, we've collected a lot of feedback, which we've taken to heart and implemented into our products. Take a look at everything ergobag has to offer:

Helmet or jacket loop

What a clever idea! The front of the ergobag features a jacket loop that kids can pull their jackets through when the sun comes out whilst they're walking home from school and it's suddenly nice and warm. This way, they won't forget or lose it and it keeps their hands free too. Do your kids bike to school? The jacket loop also doubles as a neat helmet holder. Simply pull the helmet strap through the loop, snap it shut and it stays securely in place the whole day!

The rain cover clip

Our materials are waterproof up to 1500 mm (about 2 psi) – if it starts pouring and your kids still have a long way to walk, a rain cover offers added protection. But who knows first thing in the morning if it's going to rain in the afternoon? To make sure the rain cover is always there when needed, it can be stored inside the top compartment. Just attach the cover to the clip inside the compartment, and it won't slip off. Once the rain shower passes, simply tuck the rain cover (available in green or pink) back into the compartment.


The drawstring runs throughout the backpack and helps kids both large and small compress the contents of the bag once filled to keep the weight against their backs as much as possible. The quick-pull closure makes opening the bag, re-tightening it and closing it a cinch.

Hanging loop

This loop helps kids keep their classrooms tidy by letting them hang their ergobags on the designated hooks. But what if they need quick access to their stuff throughout the day? No problem! The ergobag hangs easily from desks with its practical inside loop. The top stays open so kids can reach in and grab their notebooks, textbooks or pencil cases with ease. Dad picking up the little rascals from school today with the car? The hanging loop is a great way to lift the ergobag and drop it in the trunk, too – pretty neat, huh?

01. April 2019
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05. April 2018
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08. May 2018
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