On bicycle tour with the school backpack

Our backpacks are not just great for school – they "carry" out their function in leisure time too! On the next bicycle tour, for example.

Bicycle tours are great fun! Especially when it is nice and warm outside and there are interesting places to explore along the route. Here is a checklist of what to do before you set off so as to make sure that your trip will be a fantastic memory:

The right luggage – for comfort en route

If you are planning a relatively long bicycle tour, the adults should carry the main luggage on their bicycles. Panniers can hold plenty of luggage and are attached to the rack where they do not interfere with your pedaling. The weight in the bags should be roughly the same so as to keep the bicycle evenly balanced. A backpack can also carry a lot and can be worn safely without hampering the cyclist provided that the chest and waist belts are fastened. This keeps the backpack firmly and comfortably in place.

The right clothes – for all kinds of weather

There is no guarantee that the weather will stay fine. Therefore you need to pack enough changes of clothes for your trip, especially socks! It is also advisable to take a waterproof jacket in case it rains hard. You can also get rain covers for your backpacks to keep the contents nice and dry.

The right way – for successful navigation

Surely nobody actually likes getting lost? Cycle route maps can help you to arrive at your destination on schedule. They show all the cycle paths and distances. A travel guide will indicate places of interest where it is worth making a stop on the way.

The right first-aid kit – for medical treatment en route

Now is not a good time to get sick! It is advisable to take the following items with you to treat little aches and pains and minor complaints:

  • First-aid kit
  • Dressings and bandages
  • Insect repellent
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Disinfectant
  • Cotton buds
  • Headache tablets

The right equipment – to keep the wheels turning

Your bicycles need to be in good condition too. You should have the following items with you in order to be well prepared for any eventuality:

  • Bicycle lock
  • Spare inner tube
  • Water bottles
  • Bicycle pump and repair kit
  • Tools and rags
  • Spare cables for brakes and gears
  • Small parts (nuts, screws, washers, brake pads, wire, epoxy adhesive)
  • Chain and chain joints

This will guarantee that your bicycle tour will be an unforgettable experience! Ready in the saddle… steady… go!

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